Friday, July 20, 2007

Yashin Goes Home

Russian native Alexei Yashin has signed a 1-year contract with Locomotiv (Yaroslavl) of the Russian League today. After 12 seasons in the NHL where he has underachieved and been hated, he has finally gone to a place where he will be appreciated.

The 33-year old had 50 points in 58 games last year, and looked like he would be a good number 2 centre for any team. He became an unrestricted free agent after the Islanders bought out the remaining four years of his 10-year contract.

"Alexei has a history with Yaroslavl, having played several games for them during the lockout," Todd Diamond, who represents Yashin along with Mark Gandler, told CP on Friday. "He feels comfortable with them, having a North American coach (Paul Gardner) and a former teammate, Randy Robitaille, being there as well next season."

"They came after him very strongly," said Diamond. "He's going to go there and have a great year. . We'll see where we are 10 months from now.

It seems that Alexei Yashin's NHL career may be over, and many people will remember him, for all of the wrong reasons.


GM said...

Nobody forced the Isles to sign him to such a crazy contract...There are very few players who could have lived up to those expectations.

GM said...

We'll be reading the same thing about DiPietro soon