Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Craig Conroy Sends Message to Los Angeles

On Tuesday, Craig Conroy made his second debut with Calgary.Before he left Conroy gave a message to Sean Avery,'Keep your head up.' In response to that, Avery said,'I'm more afraid of him scoring 2 goals on us than lining me up'.Well Avery had a right to be afraid. As I predicted in my last post, Conroy did have a big game. Conroy did score 2 goals! Conroy potted 2 against former teammate Sean Burke and even Conroy was surprised with his performance. 'It surpassed all expectations. It gave me goose bumps being out there on the ice.'

It may be a little bit early to tell, but this Conroy is the one Calgary fans are used to seeing. He might be the final piece of the puzzle to get Calgary to win the cup( keeping in mind they've already lost the cup with Conroy on the team once).This 2 goal game is really going to boost his confidence.Don't be
surprised if Conroy becomes a key player in Calgary for the second time.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Craig Conroy to Calgary

Yesterday,Craig Conroy was traded back to Calgary for Jamie Lundmark and a fourth round draft pick in 2008. A huge reason for this trade is Jarome Iginla. Darryl Sutter had Iginla sit down in his office and asked him, "What will make our team better?" Iginla said, 'We need Conroy back.'

The 35 year old veteran has spent the past 2 years in Los Angeles. He only has 16 points this year in 52 games. This trade could blow up in Sutter's face. Many Calgary fans remember Conroy as the player who scored17 points and 2 series winners in the 2004 playoffs. But he isn't the same player as he was when he left Calgary. In the past 2 years with the Kings Conroy has played 130 games and has only racked up 82 points. In his first 2 years with Calgary, Conroy scored 134 points( keeping in mind though he's played 30 less games in that 2 year span with Los Angeles).

But still, good for Iginla to stand up and say what he wanted to be said.He is truly the leader of that team. He will be happy playing with Conroy.I look for Conroy to come out tonight and show Los Angeles what they're missing.

The question that will be heard around Calgary is ' Which Conroy will show up in Calgary?


Monday, January 29, 2007

Tiger Woods

On Sunday, Tiger Woods won his 7th straight PGA tournament. He is now 4 wins away from tying Byron Nelson's record of 11 straight tour wins. On the final day of the tourny Tiger came back from 2 stroke deficit to win by 2 strokes.

Last year Tiger had a great year,winning2 majors and 6 straight wins ending the season all during or after the death of his father Earl. If a depressed Tiger could do that,than what could an energized Tiger do? As he has proved time and time again the possibilities are endless.

Back to Byron Nelson's record,I don't think it even is the record. The caliber and depth of the PGA is much better than when Nelson was playing. If Tiger was playing back then, he would win much more then 11 straight. Even if Tiger beats the record, both golfers were great athletes.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Athletes and Commercials

The past few days have brought have brought great highlights,the second have of the NHL season and two very weird commercials

On Wednesday,Tiger Woods released the footage of his new commercial.It shows Tiger,just practising,then out of the blue someone steals his bag.Tiger refused to have a stunt double,so he tackled the person himself,cutting the actors forehead open in the process.This does give him toughness points,but he might have busted his ankle,or gotten some other injury!I ask..why?!

Yesterday,David Beckham started the shooting for his new advertisement.It will be a still photo of him on a horse with flames around him pretending to be King Arthur.Trying to have some dignity at the end in a interview he said he is honoured to be a part of fantasy for kids.He said fantasy plays a big part in kids life's and he is happy to be a part of that.This is going to give magazine readers a good laugh.So if your going to make a commercial,try to have some dignity...please.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Steve Nash,Shaq

On Thursday the NBA announced the starters for the their all star game.Though there were many deserving players,there was one key left out.Two time MVP Steve Nash,who's playing possibly his best season yet was not voted in as a starter.As a proud Canadian,I'm outraged.He is the best player in the NBA right now,and he deserves to start that game.All star Tracy Mcgrady spoke with ESPN about this issue.He said he would give his spot away,if he could make Nash start.For a player of this caliber to say that,just out of respect for Nash is awesome.I think the fans of the NBA should be embarrassed

Also,something happened Thursday that's never happened before,I don't think in any sport.A player got voted in,without playing even 10 games.This person is Shaquille O'Neil.He has played almost no games this year,hasn't played necessarily well the past 2 years and is playing for a bad team right now.I understand he has a good fan base,but he's not a force like he was in Los Angeles.He won't make a difference in the all star game,he won't make a difference in Miami's season and personally,he won't make a difference ever.