Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Craig Conroy to Calgary

Yesterday,Craig Conroy was traded back to Calgary for Jamie Lundmark and a fourth round draft pick in 2008. A huge reason for this trade is Jarome Iginla. Darryl Sutter had Iginla sit down in his office and asked him, "What will make our team better?" Iginla said, 'We need Conroy back.'

The 35 year old veteran has spent the past 2 years in Los Angeles. He only has 16 points this year in 52 games. This trade could blow up in Sutter's face. Many Calgary fans remember Conroy as the player who scored17 points and 2 series winners in the 2004 playoffs. But he isn't the same player as he was when he left Calgary. In the past 2 years with the Kings Conroy has played 130 games and has only racked up 82 points. In his first 2 years with Calgary, Conroy scored 134 points( keeping in mind though he's played 30 less games in that 2 year span with Los Angeles).

But still, good for Iginla to stand up and say what he wanted to be said.He is truly the leader of that team. He will be happy playing with Conroy.I look for Conroy to come out tonight and show Los Angeles what they're missing.

The question that will be heard around Calgary is ' Which Conroy will show up in Calgary?



The Maple Leaf said...

Looks like the right Conroy showed up for the game last night. 2 goals - what a great homecoming! This team is now even more of a force in the Western Conference.

Wheels said...

Young Gun was right...Conroy had a great homecoming night!!

gobudz said...

Conroy's definitely going to help, not sure why they ever let him go. With Kipper and Iginla, Who would want to meet Calgary in the playoffs ?