Saturday, January 27, 2007

Athletes and Commercials

The past few days have brought have brought great highlights,the second have of the NHL season and two very weird commercials

On Wednesday,Tiger Woods released the footage of his new commercial.It shows Tiger,just practising,then out of the blue someone steals his bag.Tiger refused to have a stunt double,so he tackled the person himself,cutting the actors forehead open in the process.This does give him toughness points,but he might have busted his ankle,or gotten some other injury!I ask..why?!

Yesterday,David Beckham started the shooting for his new advertisement.It will be a still photo of him on a horse with flames around him pretending to be King Arthur.Trying to have some dignity at the end in a interview he said he is honoured to be a part of fantasy for kids.He said fantasy plays a big part in kids life's and he is happy to be a part of that.This is going to give magazine readers a good laugh.So if your going to make a commercial,try to have some dignity...please.

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gobudz said...

Athletes lose dignity the minute they endorse a product they don't believe in. You think Tiger really enjoys driving a Buick ? C'mon !