Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Craig Conroy Sends Message to Los Angeles

On Tuesday, Craig Conroy made his second debut with Calgary.Before he left Conroy gave a message to Sean Avery,'Keep your head up.' In response to that, Avery said,'I'm more afraid of him scoring 2 goals on us than lining me up'.Well Avery had a right to be afraid. As I predicted in my last post, Conroy did have a big game. Conroy did score 2 goals! Conroy potted 2 against former teammate Sean Burke and even Conroy was surprised with his performance. 'It surpassed all expectations. It gave me goose bumps being out there on the ice.'

It may be a little bit early to tell, but this Conroy is the one Calgary fans are used to seeing. He might be the final piece of the puzzle to get Calgary to win the cup( keeping in mind they've already lost the cup with Conroy on the team once).This 2 goal game is really going to boost his confidence.Don't be
surprised if Conroy becomes a key player in Calgary for the second time.


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