Thursday, February 1, 2007

Super Bowl Preview

The logo above these words is the logo for the 2007 Super Bowl in Miami. The 2 teams that will be playing for the title of Super Bowl champs are the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears. Both teams have been to the Super Bowl, but neither have been to to the the Super Bowl in a long time. My pick for the champion team are the Chicago Bears.

I'm not just picking the Bears because I'm a huge Patriots fan, but because of the stats everyone is overlooking. This team has been the underdog all year. One point is that they're 15-3! Their only losses have been to my patriots, and 2 other games that no one remembers! The second point is that every one is questioning Rex Grossman. He played great in the clutch moments of the the game against the Saints. He is the starting QB for a Super Bowl team. You have to be good to do that. He will play fine. My final point is the Bears defence. They have been a force for many years and that hasn't changed this year. They will shut down Manning.

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