Friday, February 2, 2007

Sheldon Souray-7 minute penalty

Yesterday, the Montreal Canadiens faced the Pittsburgh Penguins. It was a very spirited affair. Physical play, an exciting shootout victory by Pittsburgh,and 9 goals! There was also a very embarrassing play for the NHL. Canadiens Sheldon Souray received a 7 minute penalty! All Souray was doing was standing up for his captain, Saku Koivu who took a monstrous hit from Colby Armstrong just moments before Souray took those penalties.

You can't give 7 minutes of penalties and a game misconduct to some one who's standing up for his captain. With the lack of fights in the NHL now, standing up for your captain is how most fights happen.

This play was the key moment in Montreal's most important game of the season. Pittsburgh scored 2 goals on their 7 minute power play and Montreal scored 1. Montreal ended up tying the game before losing in a shootout. So without that power play, theoretical Montreal would of won the game. I think the NHL owes Montreal an apology( even though that won't get them 2 points). They will be playing this Saturday on national television( not a good sign). This was a great game overshadowed by referees.

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gobudz said...

Souray, although honourable in his intentions, needs to calm down a bit. Too much this season he's been playing the enforcer role for the Habs. Its too costly for the Habs to have him sitting in the penalty box or worse, getting ejected. Someone else needs to start doing the heavey lifting.