Friday, February 9, 2007

Younger, Faster, Better

Yesterday, the World Pond Hockey Championships started in Plaster Rock, New Brunswick. There are 120 teams this year and they all played under the lights last night.My reporter Dell had an exclusive at one of the games.

The Shannon Shamrocks lost their opening game by a blowout. This team has attended 4 Pond Hockey Championships since it started. The team consists of 4 brothers from Canada. This team has been through a lot, especially in 2005. That year, some of the teams equipment got lost on a flight, so they had to get a local to fill in for the games. They still got an interview with TSN live on T.V though. Even with the local playing, the Shamrocks made it to the playoffs. Another bright spot was that the teams equipment was coming in so that the entire team could play. But then, at a party the night before the playoffs, a person pointed out that the plus/minus was all wrong. There is a mercy rule that says a game can't be won by more than 10 goals. So all the teams with high plus/minuses had to be brought down to plus 50 which put the Shamrocks out of the playoffs( the funny thing about that is that according to my reporter Dell, the person who pointed out the plus/minus problem was drunk).

After the game my reporter spoke to one of the members of the Shamrocks. He said, "The team we faced was younger, faster and better".

It really doesn't matter whether you win or lose here, just have some fun and play some good hockey.

Note: the team in the picture is not the Shamrocks


Alfie The Senator said...

Young Gun;

It is reported by my secret agent at The World Pond Hockey, the Shannon Shamrocks provided tough competition in their first game against Manotick.

Stated Manotick leader Matt Kossatz the "Old Gun" is still sharp and fast like the Rocket.

Alfie The Senator said...

Young Gun:
There is good news and bad news.
The good news is the SHAMROCKS are in the playoffs.
The bad news is they come from Red Deer, Alberta.
My secret agent tells me the Old Gun is still smiling and Matt from Manotick has a frost bitten toe. (he is smiling too) Although I don't why, even Vinnie couldn't get them in the playoffs.