Wednesday, February 14, 2007

NBA All Star Game Losing Players

This weekend, Las Vegas will host the annual NBA All Star Weekend. It will be another great time except for one thing, no one's going!

It first started when 2 time MVP Steve Nash received an injured right shoulder. Then that followed by a Yao Ming and Carlos Boozer injuries. Then finally, just a couple days ago, Denver's Allen Iverson announced he would not participate in the All Star game. A funny thing about this is that all these injuries have come to Western Conference players.

This isn't good for the NBA. They want all their all stars healthy. At this point, the NBA should care less about the All Star game. If the NBA wants basketball to grow in not so good basketball places, then they need to do something. Maybe have them practice less, something. With all these all stars out of the lineup, many less people will watch the game.

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