Thursday, February 15, 2007

Montreal's Slump Continues

Yesterday, the Montreal Canadiens faced the New Jersey Devils. To any other team, this would of been another game toward their playoff push, but to the Canadiens, it was much more than that.

This game would turn out to be possibly the turning point in the Canadiens season. They started out good with a quick 1-0 lead, but then the Devils came back to win big - a final score of 2-5. It was more than just another loss in the Canadiens slump, as goalie Cristobal Huet had to leave the game with a strained muscle in his lower body. This is a big blow to the Canadiens as they are trying to get out of a slump, and losing their #1 goalie isn't how they're going to get out of it.

The Habs are now 1-6 in their last 7 games. It is a real cause for concern, because in the Eastern Conference, if you lose 5 or 6 in a row, than you will lose lots of ground in the playoff race. Another reason to be concerned is that they are losing by scores they shouldn't be losing to. Like against Florida. They lost 1-0. In the new NHL, their should be no excuse for a game like that. They now have sole possession of 8th place in the Eastern Conference, but #9 and 10 are only 2 points behind and each with 2 games at hand. Finally, the Canadiens are going to be without forward Alexei Kovalev for 3 weeks after an X-ray on his injured elbow.

So the Habs better turn it around soon, or they just might find them sell cleaning out their lockers pretty soon.

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Alfie The Senator said...

Habs could turn out to be Hab-Nots; Their terrible tumble opens the possiblity of a Make Beliefs genuine challenge for a playoff berth. The Old Gun has probably got his fingers crossed by now, if not starting to chew tobacco.