Thursday, February 22, 2007

Last Minute Moves

Today, at 3:00pm, all the NBA teams will make their last minute moves to get the championship. Here are all the rumors you need to know to have the edge on the NBA trade deadline.

The biggest name to enter trade rumors is New Jersey Nets point guard Jason Kidd.

He has once again played solid for the Nets, which prompts a higher trade value for him. The trade that the Nets want to make though is highly unlikely to happen. The Nets want 7 foot, 19 year old Andrew Bynum, who the Lakers say is untouchable. The Nets don't want to trade anyone else, so it looks like Jason Kidd is staying put in New Jersey.

Another big name involved in trade rumors is Sacramento point guard Mike Bibby.

A trade to put Bibby between LeBron James and Larry Hughes in Cleveland has been going on for a while now. The Cavs are seriously interested in doing this, even if it means bringing in a 3rd team to do it. An unlikely scenario is that Cleveland's Drew Gooden and Minnesota's Mike James would go to Sacramento. Another scenario is that Bibby will go to the Dallas Mavericks for speedster Devin Harris. None of these are likely to happen.

Mike Jame is the final big name to be rumored in trades.

Mike James has been labeled a mistake to be signed in Minnesota. The biggest contender to acquire James are the Houston Rockets. According to club insiders. the Rockets still like the 6 foot 2 point guard. With a 4 year contract, any team would like to have this guy.

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