Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Marty Schottenheimer Fired

Everyone around the NFL knew it would happen. Marty Schottenheimer's relationship with San Diego GM A.J Smith just couldn't of lasted. On Monday, San Diego coach Marty Schottenheimer was fired as head coach.

To me it is a surprise, even with Schottenheimer's bad relationship with San Diego GM A.J Smith. Schottenheimer led the Chargers to their 2nd division title in 3 years last season. The Chargers also had a 14 - 2 season. But maybe it was because of Schottenheimer's playoff record.

In the 14 years Schottenheimer has spent as a head coach and 17 including assistant coaching jobs together, he has only has a playoff record of 5 - 13. This mark gives him the NFL record for coaching wins never to lead a team to the Super Bowl. The San Diego Chargers don't want that type of coach. With L.T playing his best football of his career, and a young, confident QB in Philip Rivers, this is San Diego's time to make a move to the Super Bowl.

The Chargers franchise is now in deep trouble in terms of coaching. They've lost offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, defensive coordinator Wade Philips
, linebackers coach Greg Manusky and tight ends coach Rob Chudzinski. It will be a tough offseason for GM A.J Smith. He will need a pretty big shovel and some breaks to dig himself out of this hole.


Alfie The Senator said...

This is a good thing for the Chargers. Clearly Marty had an over abundance of talent compared to the Pats. The difference to me was the ability of the Pats coaching staff to prepare for a one game playoff, something they almost accomplished again against the Colts. Marty is a great motivator and an average technichian.
As you stated so well LT and Rivers are at their games best and this is the time to win a championship if there ever was one.

lugnutt said...

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