Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday

Of course, as everyone knows, yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday. For the first time in it's 41 year history, it was raining during the game. And it wasn't just a little sprinkle, it was pouring!

Also for the first time, on the first play of the game there was a touchdown. Bears kick returner Devin Hester returned the first kick of the game for a touchdown. It was a short lived lead as Reggie Wayne caught a long throw from Manning and brought it in. But the extra point was unsuccessful! After 2 touchdowns by each team and a field goal by Vinatieri the score was 16-14 for the colts.After the Colts scored 2 field goals and the Bears 1 the score was 22-17

Then in the clutch moments of the game Grossman threw up a duck which was intercepted for a touchdown. The worst thing was that if Grossman lead the guy even averagely, then it would of been a touchdown. On the next drive Grossman again had a man open and again under threw it for an interception. The Colts ended up winning 29-17 for their first Super Bowl in 36 years.

If Grossman had even played averagely, than the Bears would of won the game. He was horrible. He will probably never start another NFL game again. Well it didn't matter as both Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning had a blank look on their faces. It looked like they'ed just won a regular game. Look at Tom Brady, he was laughing and excited and there were even some tears when he won the Bowl. If you work all your life for the Super Bowl, than you don't have to play it cool, get excited! Manning had a bigger smile on his face after his 8th Grade tango! I really think it was one of the worst Super Bowls ever.

Next time I write football, it will be in training camp

Congratulations to the Super Bowl Champs, the Indianapolis Colts
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Wheels said...

I totally agree. Grossman was horrible. He looked like George Plimpton in Paper Lion. The funny thing is the Bears continued to have chances to catch up. I can't believe they gave the MVP to Manning. It certainly wasn't one of his game dominating victories. What about Dominic Rhodes or Joseph Addai?

optionpunk said...

Grossman still wasn't the worst quarterback wearing shoulder pads on Sunday. Just imagine how bad Brian Griese is for Lovie not to put him in the game.

Jaime said...

All I have to say is thank god it was not the Pats again. Raider Nation will rise again!!!