Monday, February 12, 2007

Sidney Crosby vs Wayne Gretzky

The comparisons have been made. The resemblance is amazing. Hockey fans around the world have seen both of these players go from prodigy to superstar. It is Sidney Crosby vs Wayne Gretzky.

This year, Sidney Crosby has made the transformation from future face of the NHL to just plain face of the NHL. And he hasn't done it easily. This year he has been attacked, harassed and abused more than anyone in the league. Even though he has been given the label, " whiner", he has fought through the tough times to get an amazing 14 point lead in the scoring race at just 19 years old. But someone dominating the league at 19 isn't unheard of. In the NHL season of 1979/1980, a kid named Wayne Gretzky emerged as a force in the league.

That year, Gretzky had 137
points in 79 games. This year, Sidney Crosby is on pace for 79 games played and 132 points. That's only a 5 point differential. The scary thing about Crosby is that no one is protecting him in Pittsburgh. To me, Crosby's job is to score and fight all for himself. With a young player like Crosby, you can't let him get into major physical stuff. Gretzky had a body guard wherever he went.

Another resemblance about these 2 is that they are not that much of a physical force. They both have to use their God given gifts such as their vision and uncanny ability to make something out of nothin

It will be exciting to see if Crosby can match Gretzky's mark at 19. So lets just sit back and enjoy the ride that is Sidney Crosby


Alfie The Senator said...

right on again Young Gun;
I've just added your reports to my top 5 news and resource services that are a must read every day.

Oracle said...

Watching Crosby is a pleasure and I'm sure he'll claim many of Gretzky's records over the years. I just hope he grows up a bit and stops the whining and diving. He goes down harder than an Italian soccer player. C'mon Syd....with greatness goes responsibility.