Friday, February 16, 2007

At the Break

Tomorrow the NBA All Star game will be played in Las Vegas. There are many great players on each team, but the best have been leading their teams to stellar records. Here are my predictions for division, conference , league and Finals champions

I'll start of with the Southwest Division. The division consists of Dallas, Houston, San Antonio,NO/Oklahoma Hornets and Memphis.

So far in the season, many are saying the Mavs have the division locked up with a 9.0 game lead on 2nd place San Antonio, but I'm not quick to judge. The Spurs are an elite team with many all stars and if they get some breaks, then they might pull out the division. One of those breaks though, is that the Mavs have to lose or get into a slump soon, which I don't think is going to happen. So I thin
k the Mavericks will win the Southwest Division.

The second division is the Pacific Division. The division has Phoenix, the LA Lakers and Clippers, Golden State and Sacramento.

The Suns have a commanding lead in the division with a huge 10.0 game lead over 2nd place L
A Lakers. But Steve Nash has been injured and now the Suns are in a slump. So I think the division will come down to whether Steve Nash will come back any time soon, but I think he will so I choose the Suns to take the Division.

The final division in the Western Conference is the Northwest Division. The division has Utah, Denver, Minnesota, Portland and Seattle.

So far in the season the Utah Jazz have the lead by 8.5 games over 2nd place Denver. Even with Carmelo and A.I, I don't think the Nuggets can dig themselves out of this hole and none of the other teams are going to make a move so I pick the Utah Jazz to win the Northwest

In the Western Conference, all there is left is to pick the Conference winner. I believe the Suns and Mavericks will fight maybe to the final day of the season for that #1 seed, but I believe the Suns will finally go to the finals behind Steve Nash, Shawn Marion and Amare Stoudemire.

Now for the Eastern Conference

The 1st division I'm going to preview is the Central Division. The division has Detroit, Cleveland, Indiana, Chicago and Milwaukee.

The always great Pistons are yet again leading the division, but not by much as the Cavaliers are only 2.0 games behind. Also, the Bulls and Pacers are each only 4.5 games behind. But because of all the Pistons experience and new acquirement Chris Webber, I'm going to pick the Pistons to take the Central Division.

Now the Atlantic Division which has Toronto, New Jersey, Boston, New York and Philadelphia.

The surging Raptors are one of the hottest teams in the league and are really coming together as a team. But the Nets are only 4.5 games behind, and with Vince Carter, anything can happen. But because of the Raptors almost unbeatable play at home and sub-par play o
n the road, I'll choose the Raptors to take the Atlantic Division.

Finally in the Eastern Conference there is the Southeast Division which consists of Washington, Orlando, Miami, Atlanta and Charlotte.

Washington and agent zero have gotten themselv
es a 3.5 game lead over 2nd place Orlando, but that isn't a lot. Also the rejuvenated Miami Heat have Shaq back and are only 4.0 games away from Washington. But I think if Gilbert Arenas continues his clutch play, than the Wizard should take the Southeast Division.

Now the Eastern Conference winner.

I think Washington, Detroit and Toronto will all have a shot and they all will have to battle. But again, because of all of Detroit's experience, they will take the Eastern Confe

So that means that Phoenix and Detroit will have to battle for 1st place in the league. To me this is an easy one. Phoenix is the best team in the league and much better than the Pistons, so the Suns will be 1st place in the league come seasons end.

Now for the champion of the NBA Finals.

I believe that the Detroit Pistons and the Phoenix Suns will battle it out for the title of league champ. The Suns will finally give that championship to Steve Nash and the Suns will win in 6 games. Steve Nash will be the MVP of the Finals.

Well there are my previews. Enjoy the rest of the season and lets see how my predictions will do.

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