Sunday, February 11, 2007

Saturday Night Hockey

Yesterday, Hockey Night In Canada took place with 5 out of 6 Canadian playing, but to the dismay of Canadian hockey fans, 3 out of those 5 lost.

In CBC's national game, the Pittsburgh Penguins faced the Toronto Maple Leafs.

In the first period, each team had 7 shots, but for the Penguins, one of them went in with Jordan Stall getting his 21st in the final minute of the period. Then in the second period Stall scored again and so did Evgeni Malkin to put Pittsburgh up 3-0. Then the Leafs started the comeback. First Antropov put in his 9th, and after that Sundin scored his 22nd. The final goal of the comeback came with 55 seconds left in the period and was scored by Bates Battaglia. After the second came an exciting 3rd period. First McCabe scored a goal from the blueline. Then Ryan Malone scored to tie it up. After goals were exchanged the game went to O.T. At the 3.54 mark of the O.T period , Jordan Stall got the hatrick to win it for the Penguins. The Pens are tied with the Sens for 4th and the Leafs are still 9th, 1 point out of 8th.

The second game I'm going to recap is the Senators against the Habs.

It was no contest through out the game. In the first period, the Sens came out quick with goal by Comrie and Kelly. Then in the second the Habs made a comeback with Souray and Begin scoring, but before the period ended, Wade Redden fired one in to put the Sens up 3-2 going into the 3rd. In the 3rd the Sens put the game away with 2 more goals. Markov scored for the Habs, but it didn't matter as the Sens took this one just as I predicted. The Habs gave a chance to Samsonov putting him in the lineup, put he wasn't a factor.

The third game I'm going to recap is the Atlanta Thrashers against the Vancouver Canucks.

The Canucks came out with intensity, scoring just 1.44 in to the game. Brendan Morrison scored his 13th. In the second, Markus Naslund potted his 19th to put the Canucks up by 2 . Then in the third, Morrison put in another to clinch the game . The Thrashers had to late goals, but the Canucks won with production from their big players. The Canucks are now tied with Calgary for the division lead, but the Flames have played 1 less game than the Canucks.

The final game I'm going to recap is the Calgary Flames against the Buffalo Sabres.The speedy Sabres took the game in a shootout.

After a scoreless 1st, Kristian Huselius opened up the scoring 3.45 into the 2nd. Then, Tomas Vanek scored his 29th of the year to tie up the game. In the 3rd, David Moss scored his 6th of the year to give Calgary the lead. But then with 3 minutes left, Daniel Briere scored to send the game to overtime.

After a scoreless overtime, the game went to a shootout. After the first 2 players missed, Kotalik scored on a backhand. After a missed shot by both teams, it came down to Kristian Huselius to tie it in the shootout. Huselius took a wristshot and got denied by Miller for the Sabres to win it. Here are the rest of the scores and whether I predicted right or wrong.

Dallas vs Anaheim- 1 - 0 Prediction was wrong N.Y Islanders vs Boston- 3 - 4 Prediction was right

S.T Louis vs Philadelphia- 3 - 4 Prediction was wrong N.Y Rangers vs Washington- 5 - 2 Prediction was right

Phoenix vs Florida- 2 - 5 Prediction was wrong Los Angeles vs Nashville- 4 - 1 Prediction was wrong

Carolina vs Minnesota- 4 - 5 Prediction was wrong

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Alfie The Senator said...

Young Gun;
Solid recap and good to see you can admit the error of your judgement.
On the other hand were you really wrong?
From what my spy guy, who does radio play by play for the Maple Leafs tells me, all the games but the Ottawa-Montreal game could have gone either way. And because your a stand-up guy you probably picked the Habs for emotional reasons. (Like you might know someone who is a big Habs fan)
Keep up the good work so we can continue to enjoy your reports and predictions.