Friday, June 15, 2007

Don't Call It A Dynasty

The San Antonio Spurs played for the NBA Championship on Thursday, and looked for their 3rd championship in 4 years.

For the entire game, the Spurs were always 1 step ahead of the Cavaliers. With Manu, Parker and Duncan playing their best ball, the Spurs squezzed out a win against Cavaliers to win by a final score of 83-82.

The Spurs coach talked a few days ago about how the Spurs weren't a dynasty. They are now. ''I don't care where we fall in history,'' Parker said. ''I just feel blessed, honoured and privileged to play on a team like this.'' Tim Duncan also talked about his emotions after the game. 'It never gets old, it never gets old,'' Duncan said. ''Unbelievable. Such a great run, a great journey, a great bunch of guys.''

And while the Spurs now where the crown, King James has now learned that a championship won't come easily. ''I didn't want to turn around at all and look at it,'' James said. He walked off as the buzzer sounded.

Congratulations to the 2007 San Antonio Spurs!

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