Wednesday, June 20, 2007

NBA Trade Rumors

Right now, the NBA is looking for a spark. It just had the NBA Finals, which received the lowest T.V ratings ever for the Finals. It refuses to re-seed in the playoffs, which led to the best series of the playoffs going in the Western Conference Semi-Finals between the Spurs and Suns. But finally, there might be some excitement on the way.

2 of the NBA's top players might be traded before the start of the '07-08 season. One of them is Kobe Bryant.

After changing his mind on whether he wanted out of Los Angeles, he has finally come to the conclusion that he does want to be traded. And he wants to go the the East (no surprise that the East is the worst Conference). After asking for Shaq to go, he now suddenly wants out for a better team, in a Conference that he has a better chance of winning in.

Bryant does have a case though. He is the best individual player in the league, but is playing with a bunch of nobody's. Trade offers for Shawn Marion and Jason Kidd have been unsuccessful, and the Lakers don't want to give up Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum and a first-round pick in the same trade for Indiana's Jermaine O'Neal because they see it as a lateral move that doesn't automatically shoot them up the ladder in the West. The Lakers better do something before the start of the season, because knowing Kobe's personality, he will either refuse to play or not play good.... in which case he won't play.

The other player that is apparently on the trade market is Kevin Garnett. One of the original players to come out of high school had oneof his best season's last year in terms of statistics. But the Minnesota Timberwolves could not help him out, as they went 32-49 last year and missed the playoffs for the 3rd straight year.

Phoenix and Boston are the teams currently interested is Garnett right now. But knowing that Steve Nash and Garnett have become good pals over the years after playing in several All-Star Games together, it's safe to say he'd much prefer the desert.

No matter what happens with these players though, these trade rumors will provide a much needed spark to the NBA's reputation.

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