Sunday, June 3, 2007

Pronger Gets a 1-Game Suspension

Today, Chris Pronger got disciplined for his elbow to the head in the game last night.

Pronger is to miss 1 game for his elbow, and he and the Anaheim Ducks staff are not happy.

'We'll take our one game,'' said Burke. ''That's Colin's job and it's a tough one and we'll take it." Pronger was also suspended for a game during the Western Conference final against Detroit, which makes him just the third player ever to be suspended twice during one post-season.

This a huge bonus for the Senators, who look to tie up the series on Monday. For the entire series, Pronger has had his way with the Sens, but will now not be able to contribute to the game.

But the suspensions are not entirely his fault. His 6,6 height makes it tough for him not to hit smaller players in the head.

''He doesn't go around trying to knock guys heads off,'' said defenceman Ric Jackman, who will see more ice time in Pronger's absence. ''It's unfortunate that it's happened twice in the Stanley Cup playoffs for us, but I wouldn't classify Chris as a dirty player. He plays hard. He's a competitor. Stuff like this happens.

Pronger talked about possibly changing his physical ways in the future. "I don't think I can, for me to be the type of player I can be," Pronger said. "Obviously, it's a fine line and getting finer every year, and we have to make subtle adjustments. But I don't think I can make wholesale changes and still be the type of player I can be."

Dean McCammond, who took the hit also talked about the Pronger suspension. "It wasn't incidental. It's not like that couldn't have been avoided," McAmmond said in the release. "I'm feeling pretty much the same as I was [Saturday], -- a little bit 'headachy,' not feeling quite right. I'm going to do everything I can, or as little as I can, to feel good [Monday]. I want to play, but at this point in time, I'm not sure right now."

Ottawa will now have a easier game to play on Monday. But the last time Pronger was suspended, the Ducks won the game without him. We'll see if the Ducks can do it again.


Walter said...

Sens will be desperate for the win tonight. Imagine heading back to Anaheim down 3-1 to face a rested Pronger.

Zephyr said...

That was a completely unnecessary cheap shot. Pronger got what he deserved.

walter said...

How about an article on Daniel Alfredsson's shameful act of shooting the puck at Scott Niedermayer at the end of the period ?