Friday, June 8, 2007

Scott Niedermayer

Throughout Scott Niedermayer's career, he has learned to play from the best in Scott Stevens. Neidermayer played 12 seasons with Stevens winning 3 cups, but never raising one as the captain. But after leaving New Jersey for Anaheim, he has taken over and is now the best defenceman in the game of hockey.

This year, Neidermayer added to his already amazing resume capturing his 1st Stanley Cup as a captain. In '06-07 he set a career high in points and got a Norris Trophy nomination. Like a true leader would, he spent less than 10 seconds with the cup as he handed it to his brother, Rob. With the amazing year he had, he is now up in legendary status. He is better than such greats like Scott Stevens, Dit Clapper and Hap Day. And if he can have another season like he just did, than he will be as great a Paul Coffey, and Ray Bourque.

Scott also has a World Championship, and a Olympic Gold Medal.

Neideramyer is the best defencman in the game today and deserves the Conn Smythe Trophy he won and the Norris Trophy.

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