Friday, August 10, 2007

Baseball MVP and Cy Young Previews

The MLB's 2007 regular season is coming to an end soon. Just 2 more months left for teams to get into the post-season and play in the World Series. It also means that there are only 2 months left for players to beef up their stats, and show off their numbers to the sports writers who vote for the MVP and Cy Young Awards. There are many players that might win the awards, but I'm going to look at all those players and see whose most deserving of the MVP and Cy Young Awards.

American League MVP


Alex Rodriguez - 36 Home Runs, 109 RBI, .298 Batting Average
Justin Morneau - 28 Home Runs, 89 RBI, .287 Batting Average
Magglio Ordonez - 18 Home Runs, 94 RBI, .348 Batting Average

Out of these 3 players, I believe without out a doubt, (and it pains me to say this as I am a Blue Jays fan), Alex Rodriguez is the American League MVP. After a huge April, A-Rod has been going strong ever since then. No one in the entire league can match his power numbers, and he is leading a Yankee team that could very well lock up the Wild Card be early September by the way they're playing. Morneau is having another great year, but just doesn't have the numbers of last season. Although many say that Ordonez is the MVP, putting up power numbers and a stellar batting average, I believe A-Rod is the AL MVP.

American League Cy Young Award Winner


Josh Beckett - 14 Wins, 5 Losses, 3.31 ERA, 132 Strikeouts
C.C Sabathia - 14 wins, 6 Losses, 3,52 ERA, 154 Strikeouts
Dan Haren - 13 Wins, 3 Losses, 2.46 ERA, 127 Strikeouts

This is a tough one. It took me a while just to figure out the candidates, as there are 11 pitchers with 12 or more wins in the AL right now! All these pitches are deserving of the award. But I have to choose 1 and I'm going with Dan Haren. The all-star game starter has been dominating so far during the season and his numbers show it. I think it's the 2.46 ERA that hooked me. And all of this on a sub .500 team in Oakland, unlike the other 2 who are on World Series contenders (nothing against Beckett and Sabathia). If Haren keeps it up, I believe he will be the American League Cy Young Award winner.

National League MVP


Ryan Howard - 32 Home Runs, 93 RBI, .271 Batting Average
Prince Fielder - 34 Home Runs, 86 RBI, .287 Batting Average
Jose Reyes - 54 Stolen Bases, .308 Batting Average, 83 Runs Scored

My favourite player out of these 3 is Prince Fielder. I like the way he plays and when he got that inside the park home run, I was cheering for him all the way. And the way the Brewers have been playing, many think he should be the MVP. But I'm going to go against my natural instinct and go for the player who really deserves it - Ryan Howard. Although he has 2 less home runs than Fielder, Howard has more RBI and a stat that many will overlook, has 71 less at-bats than Fielder. Reyes has had a good year, but speed demons rarely get the MVP. So with that being said, I believe Ryan Howard will be the National League MVP at the end of the season.

National League Cy Young Award Winner


Carlos Zambrano - 14 Wins, 8 Losses, 3.69 ERA, 139 Strikeouts
Brad Penny - 13 Wins, 3 Losses, 2.66 ERA, 104 Strikeouts
Francisco Cordero - 34 Saves, 3.28 ERA, 61 Strikeouts, 46.2 Innings

He's been my personal favourite to win the Cy Young Award since the beginning of the season. Brad Penny has, like Haren been dominant. Penny also like Haren has an amazing ERA for the MLB level. Zambrano has fought through some tough times this year. Many can remember his fight with former teammate Michael Barrett. The way he's gotten past all of that is great, but he has to many losses for me. Cordero has also been great, as many claim he is the best closer in baseball at this moment. But only once has the Cy Young gone to a closer, and that was when Eric Gagne didn't blow a save the entire year. So I think that Brad Penny will be the National League Cy Young Award winner.

There you have it. 4 awards and 4 predictions. Be sure to look back on this post when award time comes around.

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