Sunday, August 12, 2007

Is It Over?

Tiger Woods is one of the most clutch athletes ever. If he is playing his best golf, he is head and shoulders above everyone else on the PGA tour. Right now, he is playing his best golf and has a 3 shot lead heading into the final round of the PGA championship. Right now, the question is, "is it already over?"

Whenever Tiger has gone into the final round of a tournament with the lead, he has never given it up. With a 3 shot lead on Stephan Ames, is there anyone that can catch him. Well if someone is gojng to catch him,it's going to be Ames. If you have ever seen him play or seen him in an interview, you know that he doesn't put much pressure on himself. He just goes out there and does his thing. I saw him on a hole this tournament where he missed a long par putt but an inch, and just laughed. But gaining 3 shots on Tiger during the final round is very difficult.

Neither of the golfers really made any move yesterday, as both of them shot a 1-under 69. "I accomplished my goal today," said Woods, who wore a blue towel over his shoulders in the chilly, air-conditioned media pavilion. "My goal was to shoot under par and increase my lead."

Many reporters have been questioning Ames om his comments during the 2006 WGC-Accenture Match Play. Ames, (who keeps saying he's miss-quoted) said anything could happen with the way Woods was spraying the ball, but the comments blew up in his face when Woods won 9&8. The comments were similar to Rory Sabbatini's when he said Tiger was playing as poorly as ever before going into the final round of a tournament with Tiger. Woods promptly won the tournament.

Tiger also has extra motivation for this major, as it is the last one before the end of the PGA tour regular season. So with all of these factors, I believe that the PGA championship is over, unless Tiger has some uncharacteristic blow up. And if something like that does happen, Stephan Ames will probably be the one to benefit from it.

Update! - Tiger Woods had won the PGA Championship with a 2-shot win over Woody Austin. It is Tigers' 13th major and the 1st this season.

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