Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ti-Cats Get First Win

Although I haven't done any CFL posts yet, I'm going to start right now with the Hamilton Tiger Cats and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The Ti-Cats were looking for some redemption after last week, the Bombers ran up the score on Hamilton, going for a last minute field-goal while already leading 36-18. But the Tiger Cats looked their old selves as Milt Stegall scored with just 3:20 minutes gone by. After that though, it was all Hamilton.

On his 25th birthday, Jesse Lumsden ran a 69 yard run for a touchdown to tie it up. The Ti-Cats then scored 14 more points by the beginning of the 3rd quarter to get a 14 point lead. After a touchdown by Winnipeg, Hamilton came right back with a touchdown near the end of the 3rd. After that, all Winnipeg could muster up were field goals. Lumsden had another long run for a touchdown, and Jojuan Armour had a 62 yard fumble return for a touchdown. The final score was 43-22 for Hamilton.

After the game, all of the talk was about the birthday boy. Lumsden, scampered 211 yards on 12 carries and got 2 touchdowns. ''This is the best thing I could have ever asked for,'' Lumsden said as he sat in the dressing room surrounded by reporters and checking his Blackberry. ''We didn't let negative things get us down.

''We climbed back. We finished everything. We did everything we needed to do to win.''

Hamilton will have to play like they did this week against the Edmonton Eskimos next week.

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