Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Blown Opportunity

As the new MLB season begins, the Toronto Blue Jays look good. They're leading their division and are 6-4. They had a chance to go 7-4 yesterday.

The Jays were facing the Tigers yesterday at the Rogers Center. The game started out well as Vernon Wells hit a 3-run homer to grab an early lead. They then added another run the next inning. But then the Tigers came within 1 as they scored a combined 3 runs in the 4th and 5th. But in the home-half of the inning, Alex Rios homered to center-field to bring home 2 runs and a 3 run lead. By the 9th the Jays though had just a 1 run lead. B.J Ryan was on the mound and looked good getting the 1st batter. But he then walked 3 straight to load the bases. Then a broken-bat hit brought home 2 runs to give the Tigers the lead. They added 2 more to give Detroit a 3 run lead. The Jays could not come back from that as the Tigers took this one 10-7.

It was Ryan's 2nd blown save in 4 attempts and was not happy with himself.

'There's no excuse for that,'' said Ryan, refusing to place any blame for his early woes on his back. ''I was just missing a lot, throwing the ball up in the zone and I've been able to command the

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