Monday, April 9, 2007

Controling Your Own Destiny

Yesterday, the Toronto Maple Leafs gave themselves a chance at a playoff spot by beating the Canadiens. But doing that wasn't enough to get a playoff spot. The Leafs needed the New York Islanders to lose against New Jersey. It was do or die for the Islanders.

Before the game started, the Devils confirmed that #1 goalie Martin Brodeur would not start to get ready for the playoffs, so Scott Clemmensen (who had only had 3 starts in the year so far) got the nod. The Islanders started out well as the only goal of the 1st period was scored by Richard Park. After a scoreless 2nd, an exciting 3rd period started. T
he 1st goal of the period was scored again by Richard Park. With the Isles up 2-0, it looked like the Leafs season was over. Not so fast. John Madden scored 4 minutes after Park's goal to get the Devils within 1. Finally, with the goalie pulled, in the final second of the period, Madden scored again to tie the game! After a scoreless O.T period an excited New Jersey team and a deflated Isles team went to a shootout. The 1st 2 exchanged goals, and then Kozlov scored to give the Isles the lead. No one else scores from then on. The New York Islanders won 3-2 to clinch a playoff spot on the final day of the season.

The Isles will now face Buffalo in the 1st round of the playoffs.

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