Thursday, April 5, 2007

A Saturday Night Showdown?

Right now, the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs are in a playoff race. That's all you need to say about it. Tonight both teams will try to keep their playoff hopes alive as both Montreal and Toronto will face off against New York teams. Toronto faces the Isles you are all but out of the race for 8th and the Canadiens will face the New York Rangers who have already clinched a playoff spot. These games are right now the most important of the season for each team, but a much more important game may come on Saturday.

This Saturday the Leafs and the Canadiens will meet at the ACC. This matchup may decide the who gets the 8th
spot in the Eastern Conference . There are many scenarios that could happen tonight that could lead to that Saturday game. Both the Leafs and the Canadiens could win tonight, the Leafs could win and the Habs lose, they both lose or they both lose in a shootout. All of these scenarios will lead to the Leaf - Canadien matchup this Saturday.

But before we think about that game both teams have to think about tonight.

The Habs are facing the surging New York Rangers tonight in New York.

The Canadiens and the Rangers are the 2 hottest teams in the Eastern Conference race, but the Rangers have a slight edge in this game. The Habs have been horrific on the road of late and will be worked hard by the physical play of the Rangers. One thing that is in the Habs favor is that NY only needs one point to clinch a playoff spot. So if the game go's to OT, than the Rangers may just give up.

While in the other game, the New York Isles will face the Leafs.

The Leafs I think have a huge edge in this game. The Isles have been in a free-fall since losing #1 goalie Rick Dipietro and #2 goalie Mike Dunham, and are almost out of the playoff race. But there is a situation were both the Leafs and Canadiens lose and the Isles win were NY can get a playoff spot on Saturday.

It will be cool to see what happens from now to Saturday, but it sure will be fun

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