Monday, April 23, 2007

The Playoffs

The Toronto Raptors have had one of their best regular seasons in franchise history. Now they had to do it in the playoffs against VC and the Nets. With the sea of red watching on, the Raptors played their 1st playoff game in 5 years.

The Raptors were off all night. They never got any good offensive rhythum going and could not stop the nets on the fast-break. New Jersey also bettered the Raps by 24 points in the points in paint. Despite the Raptors having all of these things against them, they still had a chance to win the game. But a missed 3-pointer cost them as the Nets took game 1 96-91.

After the game, none of the Raptors were worried though. Most were encouraged that they had a chance to win the game even with all the faults they had.

The next game will go Tuesday at the ACC.

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