Thursday, April 5, 2007

March's Top 10 Stories

10. CFL Gets New Commissioner - Mark Cohan, son of McDonald's of Canada founder George Cohan was given a 5-year deal by the CFL to commission the league. He is very young (in comparison to other commissioners) as he only 41. He has already played big parts in the NBA and MLB and loves the CFL.

9.Tootoo Suspension - The Nashville Predators Jordan Tootoo was suspended 5 games by the NHL for a sucker punch on Stephane Robidas. After a questionable hit by a Dallas player on Tootoo, Jordan swung his fist at the 1st Stars player he saw, which ended up in a concussion and a week out of the lineup for Robidas.

8. Chacin's DUI - The Blue Jays youngest pitcher and the one with the most potential was arrested for a DUI in Florida. According to police reports, Chacin's blood alcohol content measured .150 while the
legal limit in Florida is .08. Chacin was later released on a $500 bond that morning.

7. Damon Allen Re-signs With Toronto - The Toronto Argos re-signed their top QB this month. Allen is the all-time football passing leader passing the previous leader last season. It is good the Argos got this deal done, because they don't have a QB like him yet to take his place.

6. Brodeur and Luongo Chasing Parent - Both Roberto Luongo and Martin Brodeur are chasing a record set by Bernie Parent in 1973 - 1974. Brodeur just last night though did break the record, but there is some controversy over who really has the record. Parent set the record with 78 game while Brodeur did it with 82. Maybe someone will set the record before the 78 game mark next season.

5.Kaberle Injured - The Toronto Maple Leafs were in New Jersey to take on the Devils. It was just a regular game, but when Cam Janssen hit Tomas Kaberle into the boards, the game stopped. Kaberle's head smashed into the boards and gave him a concussion. The NHL would later review the hit.

4.Janssen's Suspension - After the league looked at Janssen's hit on Kaberle, the NHL agreed to suspend him for 3 games. That resulted in $7,220.16 of money lost. Janssen never said to the media that he was sorry or that the hit was dirty.

3.Simon Suspended For Rest Of The Season - In a game between the Isles and the Rangers, the Islanders Chris Simon received a hit from Ryan Hollweg. Simon got up and slashed Hollweg in the face. All Hollweg got was a few stitches, but Simon received the longest suspension in NHL history. He was suspended for 25 games and the playoffs.

2.6 Killed In College Bus Crash - While the Bluffton College baseball team was traveling to Florida for a game against the Gators, the bus crashed. The vehicle went off a highway ramp and and plunged onto a road below. 6 died in the crash and 29 were injured.

1. Race For 8th - In the Eastern Conference, there were 6 teams near the bottom of the standings looking for a playoff spot. One problem. There were only 3 spots up for garbs. In the last month the 1st 2 spots have been decided, and tonight on Hockey Night In Canada, the final spot will be decided.

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