Saturday, March 17, 2007

Chacin Arrested For DUI

They're saying this might be the year. The year the the Toronto Blue Jays finally go past 3rd place in the division and go for a playoff spot. But the Jays suffered a big blow Friday morning as their projected #3 starter for this year was arrested.

Young pitcher Gustavo Chacin was arrested Friday in Tampa, Florida on a misdemeanor account of driving under the influence. This arrest was confirmed by the Toronto Blue Jays franchise at 3:43am ET. According to the police reports, Chacin's blood alcohol content measured at .150 at the time of his arrest while the legal limit in Florida is .08. He was booked by the Florida police, then released on a $500 bond later that morning.

"The club is aware of the situation, but for us to say anything at this time would be premature," a team official told Friday night."

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Oracle said...

What was Gustavo drinking? hope it wasn't Chacin Cologne!