Monday, March 19, 2007

Tootoo Suspended 5 Games For Hit On Robidas

The NHL has made great strides in past years in terms of bringing down dirty play and overall disrespect for other players. And when players do do something to another player, the league comes down hard on him. An example is Chris Simon. Just 2 weeks ago Simon hit the Rangers Ryan Hollweg in the face with his stick. The league suspended Simon for the rest of the season and playoffs which made it the longest NHL suspension ever. Another ugly incident happened a few days ago and the league showed no mercy suspending him as well.

The Nashville Predators Jordan Tootoo was suspended 5 games on Sunday for his sucker punch on Stars defenceman Stephane Robidas. The puch knocked Robidas out and was carried of in a stretcher during a Saturday game involving Nashville and Dallas. The result of the punch is a concussion and a week in the press box for Robidas.

Tootoo, 24, has three goals, four assists and 104 penalty minutes in 61 games this season. Robidas, 30, has 17 assists and 82 penalty minutes in 71 games this season.

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Oracle said...

The real problem here is that Tootoo knew he would get run after delivering a clean hit on Modano. Indeed, in its judgement the NHL conceded that Robidas did "initiate the confrontation" with Tootoo and that Tootoo was "entitled to defend himself". Robidas was even penalized on the play for charging! So what was Tootoo supposed to do? I guess he should have backed off a bit and dropped the gloves. But it looks to me like he's getting suspended for defending himself...just too well