Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Commissioner For CFL

Today, the CFL introduced the new commissioner of the league. Mark Cohon.

Just a while ago, Cohon, son of McDonald's of Canada founder George Cohan was given a 5-year deal to commission the CFL. The 41-year old is actually one of the youngest commissioners ever as the average age for one is 54. Cohan has already played big parts in the running of NBA and the MLB, and for that reason, many people are saying he is perfect for the job.

''On the one hand you want experience and leadership, on the other hand you want someone who understands the demographics we're trying to approach,'' said Hamilton Tiger-Cats owner Bob Young, a member of the league's search committee. ''There's some very talented 70-year-olds we considered for the job, but how well they understand the 20-year-olds today is the challenge for them. Mark's great strength is that he understands both.''

That was just one of the many quote about Cohan and how he is great for the job.

Cohan answered a series of questions on Wednesday, and seemed very confident in what he's doing.

''I feel at some point, as I get into it, I can really make a difference,'' Cohon said after a news conference. ''I really think I can help this league grow.

''I don't have all the answers but I think that was a part of it.''

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Oracle said...

Good luck to him. I've always enjoyed Canadian football but believe it is horribly marketed. Let's see if Mark can get some fan excitement back into the league.