Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kings of the Crease

When it comes to NHL goalies, you immediately think, Martin Brodeur. But there is another goalie in the NHL that is really making a name for themselves. His name is Roberto Luongo. Now, these 2 goalies have almost nothing in common. One plays in the Eastern Conference while the other plays in the West. They have completely different styles of goal tending, and ones in his 30's while the other is in his 20's. But these goalies have 1 thing in common. They are both going for a seemingly impossible record.

These goalies are playing to beat Bernie Parent's record of 47 wins in a season, done by Parent in the season of 1973-74. Brodeur isn't letting the hype get to him though as he doesn't think he can get 3 more wins by the end of the season. Parent was sat down to talk about Brodeur in a ESPN interview.

"I consider Brodeur to be the best in the league right now. Why do I like him as a goalie? One is his passion for the game. He's almost 35, right? And still, you see how he competes on the ice, see his desire
on every shot. That's what keeps you young in this game, the passion and pride to play and to be good and to win.

"So that's one reason. But I guess the main one would be that he's … French!" Parent said laughing.

As the 2006-2007 season comes to a conclusion, both goalie's teams have the possibility to go far in the playoffs. As of Saturday morning, both goalies have 45 wins, but Brodeur has played 1 more game to give Luongo 5 games to catch Parent.

I believe that Luongo will eventually beat Parent's record and Brodeur will tie. I think that Luongo has a much better chance than Brodeur.

A very interesting possibility is if both the Canucks (Luongo's team), and the Devils (Brodeur's team) make it to the Stanley Cup Finals. It will be a goal tending match up greater than the Roy - Vanbiesbrouck battle of 1995-1996.

So I say, sit back and enjoy the ride that is Martin Brodeur and Roberto Luongo


Oracle said...

Neither of these guys can touch Parent's record. In 1973-74 the NHL season was only 78 games and ties were allowed. So if either Brodeur or Luongo manage to reach 47 wins they will do so with the benefit of an 82 game season and overtime wins to pad their stats.

Oracle said...
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