Thursday, March 15, 2007

An MVP Clash

2 teams going for the title. 2 players going for the MVP. 1 winner. 1 spectacular game.

The NBA's 2 top teams faced off Wednesday as the Dallas Mavericks faced the Phoenix Suns. These 2 teams have both had great seasons as each has had their fair share of winning streaks and records.

Mavs have triumphed over Phoenix 2 times this season. After 4 great quarters of basketball, the game will tied, so they went to O.T. The 1st overtime period resulted in a another tie after some great play by the Suns Stoudemire and Nash and by the Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki. In that 2nd O.T period the Suns had the lead going into the final seconds. After a timeout, the Mavs looked to tie it up again. The ball went to Dirk as many expected , he took the shot and....missed. Nash got the rebound to win it over the Mavs. Mavs have triumphed over Phoenix 2 times this season.

It is ironic that such an exciting overtime game should happen a day before a tournament that defines excitement begins - The NCAA Tournament. "It was definitely an NCAA-worthy performance," Nash said. One thing is for sure. If March Madness is any exciting as the Suns - Mavs battle, it should be some great basketball.

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