Friday, March 16, 2007

Oh Brother

It has been a year of change for the NHL yet again. Many young players have come out of their shell and become game-changers on a daily basis. Such examples are Evgeni Malkin, Sidney Crosby, Alexander Frolov, and an unknown player until this year, the Penguins Jordan Stall.

The 3rd Stall brother to enter the NHL has entered the league with force. He started out as just a role-playing guy on the penalty kill. Jordan wasn't an ordinary penalty killer. With puck handling confidence of a veteran he would skate down the ice and make defense men look silly with his moves. Soon the defence quivered at the sight of Stall in the open ice on the penalty kill. Pittsburgh's coach then started giving Stall regular ice time on the #1 and #2 lines. He would score with ease as pretty soon, he had Malkin and Crosby around him on the powerplay. All this ice time resulted in goals and more goals for Jordan. He soon got 10, 20 and just a couple of games ago, 28 goals. His amazing progression at such a young age has drawn comparisons to his older brother Eric currently playing for the Carolina Hurricanes.

Why shouldn't people compare Jordan to Eric. Both have been amazing goal scorers, but Jordan right now is actually better. This year Jordan Stall has 28 goals, 10 assists and 38 points. Eric has 26 goals, 36 assists and 62 points. Obviously, Eric has more points, but in terms of goals, Jordan has the lead. Another interesting fact is that Jordan's team is a head of Eric's in the standings.

It will be cool to see how not only Jordan and Eric grow up, but how all of the Stall brothers will do in their NHL careers.

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dawings#1 said...

Do any of you think the NHL will get 32 teams in the next few years or so?If you do,comment on who you think the cities will be?I think Kansas City because of NHL promising them a team after trying for Pittsburgh and the anouncment of them staying staying in Pittsburgh.I think Halifax would be the 32nd.I think this because thats where the game was invented.Although if Halifax can't support a team wich tey probably can't then I would probably say Portland,Oregan.Our how about Mexico City?(Ha!Ha!)