Monday, March 12, 2007

Simon Gone For Season And Playoffs

After laying one of the most brutal hits in NHL history, NY Islanders Chris Simon got what was coming to him.

Simon will not play in the NHL for the rest of the regular season and the rest of the playoffs. If the Islanders get out of the playoffs in less than 5 game, than the suspension will carry over to next season. The NHL said that this was a 25 game suspension, which most expected, but it could of been much worse.

The play started when Chris Simon was hit by Ryan Hollweg from behind. The hit resulted in a concussion for Simon, but was looking for revenge. He got up and swung his stick into the jaw of Hollweg knocking him down right in front of the referee. The Rangers came to the defence of Hollweg causing a scrum in front of the Islanders bench. Simon was ejected from the game and was assessed a 5-minute penalty. In a very lucky series of events for Simon, Hollweg only required 2 stitches to close up his injured chin. If the vicious swing had knocked out teeth or done worse, Simon might be out for much longer than 25 games.

The 25 game suspension is the longest suspension ever given out by the NHL. The previous was Marty Mcsorley as he was gone for 23 games and Todd Bertuzzi as he was gone for the remainder of the season. Hopefully something like tis will never happen again and injuries like Steve Moore will be avoided.


Oracle said...

That was an ugly play and Simon got what he deserved. I think this is the 5th or 6th suspension of his career. At what point do you expel the guy? But to play Devil's advocate...What about Hollweg's hit from behind? Simon cannot be excused but the dangerous hitting from behind also needs to be addressed in the NHL...and, indeed, every level of hockey.

dawings#1 said...

I think Simon did get what he deserved but I also think Ryan Hollweg should have been suspended atleast 3 games beacause of his vicious hit on Simon from behind into the boards.Also looking at the fact that Simon got the worst of it having a concusion while Hollweg said to the media after the game"I feel great,cause,hey we won"and only needing two stiches.