Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sid the Kid

It's amazing what he's done at only 19. Pittsburgh Penguin's Sidney Crosby right now is on pace to win the Art Ross trophy as leading scorer in the league. He also has been the face of the NHL since he came into the league as he has been in multiple NHL and NIKE commercials. One more thing he's done is bring some hockey to not only Pittsburgh, but all of U.S.A as a Boston - Pittsburgh game on NBC had higher T.V ratings than a Phoenix Suns NBA game on ABC. At 19 he has made great strides and will only get better.

He started this year as many predicted scoring a goal and 1 assist in win over Philadelphia. He then went in a sort of slump he only got points in 1 of his next 4 games. But then in mid October, Crosby went on a scoring streak as he got 15 points in his next 8 games. In November, Crosby had 7 out of 11 games where he scored 2 or more points. In December Sid scored 26 points in 14 games to grab all of the NHL's attention. Crosby would continue on this pace to get to an eventual 116 points as of March 30th! That gave him a 11 point cushion on 2nd place Joe Thorton in the NHL Art Ross trophy race!

If Crosby continues on this pace he will become the youngest player ever to lead the league in scoring. The scary thing about him is that he is only 19! He will get better which will be amazing to watch. He may have a great chance off hitting those 150 and 200 point marks that only legends like Lemieux and Gretzky have been able to achieve. It will be fun to see how he grows up and matures on the ice.

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