Friday, May 11, 2007

Another Positive Test

It's official. Well not really. Today, Ricky Williams apparently failed another NFL drug test for smoking marijuana. The Miami Dolphins franchise and the NFL have declined the reports that Williams has failed this test.

If the test is really positive though, that will just be another burden that Ricky has had to deal with over the past few years. After leading the league in rushing yards in '02, Williams had drug and injury troubles. Since 2003 Williams has only played 12 games south of the border. In 2006, Ricky violated the NFL drug policy for the 4th time causing him to miss the entire 2006 NFL season. During that suspension, Williams signed on in Canada with the Argos, where he was a under-average RB and missed most of the season with a broken arm.

If he really did test positive again, then he will face more discipline from the NFL. And if he thinks he will be going back to Canada, than he should talk with Argos President Keith Pelley: 'I can say definitively that Ricky Williams will not be back (in the CFL) this year,'' Pelley told reporters Friday. ''The thing is we're dealing with a rumour and even if the rumour does in fact become reality, I'm not sure I believe it.

It is uncertain what is next for Williams, but if he did fail the drug test, I don't think that any NFL team will want a player who cares more about smoking pot, than his NFL career.

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