Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Senators Biggest Little Fan

This year has finally been the year that the Ottawa Senators have had playoff success. It is the year that an entire city has been overwhelmed with joy for the Sens, and it is the year that a team created a very special bond with 1 kid.

3-year old Elgin Fraser of the Ottawa area had a very serious form of cancer when he was 9 months of age. But chemotherapy worked and healed him. But exactly 2 years later, the rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma came back. He was given less than a year to live.

Word went out though about the ailing Sens fan, and pretty soon, Chris Phillips had organized to have Elgin practice with the team.

Elgin kept a list of his favourite players. Phillips was #2 on the list. NO.1 on the list was Mike Fisher. The 2 had met at the sick kids hospital earlier in Elgin's life. The 2 had an instant bond.

From then on, Elgin was a regular at the Sens home playoff games. But as the Senators moved on, Elgin took a step back. His condition was getting worse and was soon on the verge of dying.

But he still managed to watch the Sens play. After the Senators lost game 4 of the Buffalo - Sens series, Mike Fisher came over to the Fraser's house. As the 2 watched a movie, Elgin quietly asked, "Mike, you're going to win the Stanley Cup, right?" "We sure are buddy," answered Fisher.

That Saturday, Elgin watched as the Senators faced the Sabres. As he fell in and out of consciousness, his dad whispered the play-by-play in his ear. "Hey buddy." Mr.Fraser whispered softly in his Elgin's ear. "Alfredsson just scored. Ottawa is going to the finals." 2 hours later, Elgin died in the arms of his parents.

The city of Ottawa is well aware of this story. The Sens fans now part on Elgin Street, and the slogan "Win it for Elgin" is sweeping the nation.

Elgin Alexander Fraser


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Anonymous said...

He was such a big sens fan. So sad. Let's win it for Elgin!