Friday, May 11, 2007

Gearing Down For The Semifinals

Canada's National Hockey team over in Moscow has gone through lots of hardships so far. They had to deal with the Shane Doan controversy and coming back from early deficits in most of their round-robin games. But that was put behind them as they took to the ice to practice today.

Today, a 'strip shootout' took place at the Team Canada practice. The rules: Go in and shoot on the goalie. If you miss, you must take off a part of your equipment. It was funny seeing the players down to their padding and socks on the ice, but not even Bryan Murray could stand to see what Eric Stall was reduced to. Trying mercifully to score in his jock and underwear, Murray ended the drill.

"Oh my God, it was getting bad out there," laughed Lombardi of the Calgary Flames. "I was going to keep my pants on as long as I could so I would have gone to the shin pads and socks next. But I regained my focus or Wardo helped me out and let one in."

The players will play their semifinal game against Sweden tomorrow at 11:00am.

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Anonymous said...

How freaking gay is this?

Seriously, strip poker is played with GIRLS not guys.

I think wearing garter belts is the problem.

And if you dont think there is a problem, think of the hockey scandals of the past 20 years (apart from the Janet Gretzky mob gambling), they all involved some coach touching some players wee-wee.
Oh yeah, teh Mike Danton saga as well.



Its the garter belts.