Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What's With Todd Bertuzzi?

Possibly one of the best power-forwards in recent NHL history has been in a downward spiral ever since his vicious hit on Steve Moore.

After his neck-breaking hit on Moore, he was suspended for the rest of the season. The suspension brought an end to a sub-par season. After the lockout season he played the entire 82 games for the Canucks, but managed only 25 goals and 71 points, which was the worst point performance ever for him when playing all 82 games. The next year got even worse as he missed most of the season with the Florida Panthers scoring only 1 goal in 7 games. He is now playing for the Red Wings and is playing some of his best hockey in past years, (which isn't that great).

I think the solution for his bad play is very simple. Do what Selanne did. No one benefited more from the lockout year.

In the '03-04 season, he played almost all 82 games, but managed a minuscule 32 points. But after working hard in the lockout year, he was ready for '05-06. He signed with the Ducks for a small amount of money, but played amazing scoring 40 goals and 90 points. He did even better this year scoring 48 goals and 94 points.

Bertuzzi right now should set his hopes low. Just get a small contract and work your way back to the top. He will be a better player.

There is 1 thing that is for certain. The thought of the Moore hit, will always be in the back of his mind.

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Wheels said...

He's a hood. It was embarrassing to have him on the Olympic team.