Thursday, May 3, 2007

Defending Doan

A f---g frenchmen

That's what Shane Doan, the captain of Canada's World Championship team, supposedly said about a NHL linesman a year ago. It wasn't even confirmed he was the one who said it. But it was still brought up by a MP at Parliament.

The person questioned Canada's decision to have Doan as the captain of team Canada. But today, Bob Nicholson traveled from Moscow all the way to Ottawa to fight for Doan.

"You can talk to all of his teammates that have played with him. He says `fudge,' alot if he gets upset. He's a Christian and a person that I am proud to know."

But the MP came back saying "So what you're telling me is it's okay to make racist insults in certain situations," Bloc MP Luc Malo said after one hockey official pointed out that insults are part of the game.

Nicholson then got emotional pushing himself almost to tears saying "We're taking Shane Doan, his wife, his mom and dad, his four kids through an allegation that could have been dictated by someone else," Nicholson said.

"This is not right."

Guilty or not, Doan is the captain of Canada and will try to lead Canada to a World Championship.

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Wheels said...

Its ridiculous that our politicians would waste their time (and our money)on a non-issue like this.