Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What's Wrong With New York?

The New York Yankees have been.... well, have been awful this year. They started with one of the worst records in Yankee history, and there is one main reason why. Their pitching.

They started the year with key pitchers Mike Mussina and Chien-Ming Wang on the DL. This led to Carl Pavano being the starting pitcher on opening day. The 2nd pitcher was Andy Pettite, who was coming back to New York for the 2nd time. He was a disappointment. From then on, they had new, young pitchers, or old pitchers. The problem started to get well documented during the Yankees 7-game losing streak during mid April.

This problem is being backed up by the strong play of their batting lineup. Star Alex Rodriguez , who is in a contract year has had a record breaking April hitting a couple game winning homers and getting 14 home runs.

Because of their struggles, Joe Torre was supposedly on the chopping block. GM Brian Cashman also had his job on the line. But according to George Steinbrenner, their jobs were safe.

With the Yankees extremely high payroll though, I don't understand why they wouldn't get or even try to get free agents Gil Meche or Ted Lilly.

It will be cool to see if they do anything about this problem.

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Wheels said...

I guess sometimes money can't buy everything...Whats their payroll...$180 million?