Friday, May 11, 2007

The Stanley Cup In European Hands?

Never. Never has a European player raised the Stanley Cup as a captain. But this year, 2 players have the chance to do just that.

For many years, the Detroit Red Wings have been a great team, and won 3 Stanley Cups while being captained by Steve Yzerman. But now that he is retired, Nicklas Lidstrom is now the captain of the Wings. His team is now in the middle of a Western Conference series against the Anaheim Ducks. If the Red Wings win the series, they will move on to the Stanley Cup Finals were they are historically very good closing out the playoffs.

The other player is Daniel Alfredsson, who is the captain of the Ottawa Senators. After years of criticism for not performing in the playoffs and multiple team failures, he and the team is finally looking like a team that can win the cup. After winning game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals against Buffalo 5-2 and having Alfredsson scoring a goal, it looks like this may be the year that the Sens go all the way.

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