Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tonight May BeThe Night

The Ottawa Senators have had the best post-season in their franchise's history. If they win to night, they can extend that post-season to the Finals.

Right now, the Sens are up an amazing 3-0 against the Sabres. All they things Ottawa was in past playoffs, Buffalo is now. And everything Buffalo was in the regular season, Ottawa is now.

The biggest reason for this is Daniel Alfredsson. After being the goat in earlier playoff and earlier this season when the Sens were struggling, he is now the hero in Canada's capital. Alfredsson is the league leader in goals and 4th in points in the playoffs and that can all be credited to one thing. His short hair.

In past years with his long hair, he was, well horrible. But now with about 10 pounds of weight off his head, he is getting to pucks faster and scoring more goals.

But there is actually a real reason he is doing good. That reason is his line. Late in the regular season, Bryan Murray put Dany Heatley, Alfresson and Spezza together for more offence. There was a question whether Murray would keep them together during the playoffs. He did, and it's paying dividends.

Tonight, the line of Alfredsson, Heatley and Spezza can book Ottawa's trip to the Stanley Cup Finals.


Oracle said...

He's the Anti- Sampson!

gobudz said...

Nice prediction Young Guns. I can smell the start of a wonderful collapse. All we need is another one of Alfie's ironclad guarantees. Maybe I'm dreaming.....but its a good dream !